Pedro (left) and Pedro (right) are the Peruvian street gang bullies appeared in Prisoners of the Sun in The Adventures of Tintin series. They were seen where Zorrino was carrying oranges, and left Pedro kicked the basket of oranges. Just as Zorrino tried to pick up the oranges, left Pedro put his foot down on Zorrino's hand. Tintin pushed left Pedro, and right Pedro chanting to fight him. Left Pedro stood up, and then left Pedro missing Tintin. He shouted, "Stand still, smart guy!" He punches on the wall so hard, he injured his hand. Right Pedro tries to attack Tintin, but Tintin's dog, Snowy tears right Pedro's pants. Both left and right Pedros are trying to make a getaway. They are seen fighting by Huascar.


  • In the book, right Pedro is known as Pedro. Due to a confusion of Pedros, in the animated series, left Pedro is known as Pedro.

    Pedro and Pedro as seen in the book series.

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