"She may seem a little harsh at first, but she has a heart of gold!"
General Alcazar

Peggy Alcazar is the matriarchical, cigar-smoking wife of General Alcazar. She is very prone to bullying her husband, The Picaros, Tintin and anyone else who crosses her path. Peggy met and married Alcazar sometime after his days as "Ramon Zarate," the knife thrower. Alcazar's reasons for marrying Peggy are unknown, as she is very rude and unattractive. Yet despite her many downsides Alcazar treats her very tenderly and has utmost of respect for her.

Alcazar and Peggy's marriage is not completely stable, due to Peggy's constant verbal abuse of her husband and his friends. Peggy is also a very negative person and is rather trying to General Alcazar's patience on a regular basis. Peggy's more tender, and soft hearted side is never depicted, but is hinted at by Alcazar, stating that she has a "heart of gold". She mostly calls her husband by his last name, but sometimes she calls him by a nickname; "Zarzar," just as Alcazar calls her "My Dove," which does hint that their relationship may be at times a tender and loving one.

Peggy Alcazar as seen in the book series.

After Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus assisted Alcazar and The Picaros in a coup d'etat against General Tapioca Alcazar finally gives his wife a home in San Theodoros' Presidential Palace that he had always promised her.


Peggy is a very impatient woman and is always seen yelling and screaming, however since General Alcazar still loves her, it can be assumed that she is very nice at times.


In an early draft of Tintin and The Picaros, there is a sketch that shows General Alcazar explaining that Peggy is the daughter of arms dealer Basil Bazarov and that they meet in New York. This would explain why Alcazar married Peggy in the first place; that Alcazar married Peggy so that her father (Bazarov) could supply him with arms. This scene was not included in the final version because Hergé said it would not help the plot.

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