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Peter Clarkson (French: Jacques Clairmont) was the press photographer who accompanied the Sanders-Hardiman Expedition to South America.


Clarkson first appears in The Seven Crystal Balls as one of the participants of the Sanders-Hardiman Expedition, a research group whose goal was to locate the tomb of Rascar Capac, an ancient Incan monarch. Upon returning home to Europe, he became a victim of a black magic spell casted by Rupac Inca Huaco, an Inca descendant, who used crystal balls to place a curse of deep coma, which unfortunately was also casted upon every other member of the research group.

Fortunately in Prisoners of the Sun, after Tintin, one of the investigators of the victims' case, convinced the remaining Incas to revoke the curse placed on the members of the Sanders-Hardiman Expedition, Peter Clarkson awoke from the coma alongside his colleagues and regained his consciousness.