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"A judgement is upon us! Repent! The end of the world is at hand! Woe, a judgement! A judgement is upon us!"
—Philippulus the Prophet[src]

Philippulus the Prophet is an astronomer and an absent-minded professor  who appears only in The Shooting Star. He represents the dilemmas some people face between religious belief and scientific research. In his case, it effects his sanity.


After observing a ball of fire heading towards Earth, Philippulus goes insane, dresses himself in white sheets and goes around town beating a gong and claiming to be a prophet tasked with announcing the end of the world to others. The madman also judges that Tintin is a spawn of the Devil after the reporter advises him to go home. He then starts harassing Tintin at his home. Philippulus is later sent to a mental asylum, but escapes, and attempts to stop the expedition looking for a fallen fragment of the shooting star in the Arctic Ocean. He makes it to the expedition's ship, the Aurora, and causes a great deal of initial trouble, eventually taking refuge up the main mast and nearly setting off a stick of dynamite in the belief that it is a firework. Tintin manages to trick him into getting down by using a megaphone to shout supposedly divine instructions at him, and eventually Philippulus is taken back to the hospital.