"Great Greedy Guts!!!"

Polly (French: Coco) is the parrot owned by the late sculptor Jacob Balthazar. The parrot survived the gas leak used to try and cover up the murder of his owner. Both Tintin and Ramon Bada try and gain custody of the bird to see if they can discover the murderer's identity. The parrot escapes from both individuals and returns to Balthazar's apartment, causing a mysterious ruckus until Colonel Barker discovers the bird had returned. Bada regains possession of Polly, who eventually reveals the killer to be Rodrigo Tortilla (or in the television version as Lopez).

It is unknown what happens to Polly after he revealed who killed Balthazar to Ramon Baba and Alonso Perez, it is possible that the parrot could've either of escaped or was killed by the two smugglers after they got the name of the killer from him.

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