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"There's our rendezvous: the island of Pulau- Pulau Bomba."
—Paolo Colombani, before he lands the hijacked Carreidas 160 on the island.

Pulau-Pulau Bomba is an island located in the Banda Sea in Sondonesia.


The island is located in the Banda Sea in Sondonesia, which was occupied by the Japanese during World War II. It was home to an ancient culture of people who were quite skilled in masonary. The island was visited by aliens in ancient times, causing the island's inhabitants to carve statues bearing the aliens' likeness. Centuries later it was the site where aliens contacted scientists such as Mik Kanrokitoff.

Flight 714

"Welcome to my island paradise!"
—Rastapopoulos welcomes Tintin and his friends to the island.

Many years after that, Roberto Rastapopoulos had a makeshift base of operations built there, with the help of separatist Sondonesian rebels, and had the plane Carreidas 160 hijacked and forced it to land on that site.

Rastapopulous and his henchmen caused an explosion, which caused an earthquake and caused the island's volcano to erupt.


One of the island's statues makes a cameo in the opening credits of The Adventures of Tintin (2011). The Moon Rocket can be seen in the background.