Puschov (French: Wronzoff) is a member of the Counterfeit Ring which Tintin attempts to sabotage in The Black Island.


Throughout the events of The Black Island's story, Puschov is portrayed as a cunning and deceptive figure, tricking Tintin and the authorities on several occasions. He was key to Tintin's initial arrest by the Thompsons during the first-half of the events, as he was who accused him for attempted robbery onboard the passenger train they both traveled on. Later after capturing Tintin in England, Puschov tries to dispatch him entirely by forcing him to jump off a cliff, but Tintin is saved by Snowy when he interrupts the procedure by biting Puschov's leg. He was also assigned as the master of Ranko, the gorilla inhabiting the Counterfeit Ring's hideout on the Black Island whose nightly screams inspired legendary tales of the island being occupied by some form of monster.

Puschov alongside the other members of the Counterfeit Ring are later arrested by the end of the adventure, resulting in their plans sabotaged.

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