A bottle of Rajaijah

Rajaijah Juice, commonly called "the poison of madness," or "the madness poison" is a poisonous liquid which literally drives people mad.It is unknown who invented Rajaijah Juice, but the main user was The Fakir. It is applied via a dart and blowpipe. Mitsuhirato also used it on Tintin, but it was only colored water in which Mr. Lee replaced the real Rajaijah poison. (In the book, Mitsuhirato discovered that the Rajaijah juice is actually colored water replaced by a Chinese agent, and in the animated series Mr. Lee replaced it with the colored water leading to a betrayal.) An antidote was eventually discovered by Professor Fang Hsi-ying, but the only one known to be cured is Didi.

Known Victims

Many people have been driven insane by it, such as:

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