Ramón Bada is one of the lead antagonists, along with accomplice Alonso Perez, attempting to kill Tintin to obtain a rare diamond in The Broken Ear. Bada, hailing from San Theodoros, tends to use more Spanish in his speech than Perez.


Ramón is first seen when Tintin wants to buy Balthazar's Parrot from Balthazars old apartment, so he can question it about the idol. But Ramón got there first and was already leaving with the parrot under his arm in a suitcase. However, as he is walking down the street, Balthazar's Parrot yelled out "GRRREAT GREEDY GUTS!", resulting in another pedestrian to knock Ramón down and the parrot getting away. He was next seen putting an advertisement in the newspaper about the lost parrot, although Tintin had also put an ad in, in attempt to acquire Balthazar's Parrot for himself. After realising that the parrot has been returned to Tintin instead of Ramón, he snuck into Tintin's apartment that night to steal the parrot, but only to realise that Tintin didn't have the parrot. Tintin hears him come in and holds him at gun point. Tintin then questioned Ramón and asked him why he wanted Balthazar's Parrot. Ramón does not answer as his partner Alonso Perez switched off the light, Ramón throws a knife at him but he misses by a few inches and the two of them make a quick getaway. After this Alonso Perez insists that he needs more practice at his knife throwing. They're next seen appearance is when Tintin is walking along the street and Alonso Perez attempts to run him over, but fails due to a pedestrian yelling at him to look out. The two of them are next seen at their house. Where Alonso is playing Solitaire while Ramón practices his knife throwing. Then the two of them seek out the parrot and find it in Balthazars apartment.

They are later seen in their house where Ramón gets sick of their newly acquired parrot continuously shouting out. Ramón gets so sick of this he throws his knife at it, the knife misses and the parrot and Alonso tries to calm him down but Ramón is so mad, he charges at the parrot saying he will strangle it! Alonso has to get out his gun and threaten to kill Ramón should he lay a finger on the parrot. Then after the parrot says "Rodrigo Tortilla you've killed me!" The two of them realised who stole the Fetish from the museum. At first they think all is lost since Rodrigo Tortilla is already on his way to South America. But then they hear on the radio that the Vile de lion will be setting sail the next day. Then on their first day aboard the Vile de lion, Alonso and Ramón spy two passengers that could be Tintin in disguise, so that night they sneak out and Ramón attempts to throw a knife at one of the passengers they think is Tintin but he misses, and the man yells out "OOH HELP! MURDUR! HELP!" Because of this the two of them bolt off to their cabin. The next morning Ramón swears that it wasn't Tintin due to his voice. And after realising the other man is not Tintin they have a drink to celebrate Tintin not foiling in their plan any more. They then invite the steward over to have a drink with them, he tells them about a passenger in cabin 17 who hasn't come out of his cabin for the whole voyage so far, and they think that this is Rodrigo Tortilla. So that night they sneak into his cabin and kidnap him and through him overboard. They then realise that Tintin was aboard the ship and disguised as an African servant. Ramón and Alonso are then arrested by Colonel Jimenez. But the colonel was working was working for them.

Later, Tintin sees Alonso and Ramón in palace and they are infuriated that Tintin was chosen to be the colonel. And they hash out a plan to capture Tintin because they know he knows where the real Fetish is. So they send out two men to capture him and they succeed. But Tintin has no idea of where the Fetish is and he escapes, Ramón and Alonso chase him but Tintin throws rocks at them knocking them out! He then tied them up and took to the police. Later they somehow get out of prison and decide to hunt Tintin down. Ramón then finds Tintin and snowy and attempts to throw a knife at them but he misses. Then Pablo tries to shoot them but a bunch of bananas fall on his head causing the bullet to go off track and hit Ramón in the bottom. Then after hearing that the Vile de lion caught fire and all the luggage was Burnt. Alonso assumed that the Fetish was burnt with it but Ramón reckons that Tintin still has it in his trunk. So they track Tintin down in attempt to kill Tintin and search his trunk for the Fetish, and then escape in Tintin's canoe. Later the two of them board another ship and steal the Fetish off of Mr. Goldbarr. But Tintin had caught up with them and boarded the boat through sea plane and Tintin ordered them to put their hands up causing the Fetish to fall and break to pieces and a small diamond to fall out and into the sea. The two of grab Tintin and fall into the water still struggling, Tintin then manages to escape while they accidentally drown themselves. In one of the last panels they are being taken away by demons who spear them with pitchforks.

Ramón along with Alonso Perez being captured by Tintin.

Ramón Bada as seen in the book series


  • In the 1991 cartoon show instead of drowning,Ramón and Alonso survived and they are then arrested later.
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