Rascar Capac in the TV Series

Rascar Capac is the mummy in The Seven Crystal Balls. He is an

Rascal Capac in the book series.

ancient Incan monarch dug up by the Sanders-Hardiman Expedition. Professor Hercules Tarragon displays the mummy in his house, and he is also the Incan sun god (which actually the sun god is Inti). When lightning strikes into the chimney, it sends a fireball hurling through the living room, and the fireball crashes into Capac, vaporizing him. That night, Tintin, Captain Haddock, and Professor Calculus all have the same nightmare: Capac climbs into the room carrying a glowing crystal ball and smashes it onto the floor. What happens to the apparently resurrected mummy afterwards is unclear.

Rascar Capac was about to throw the final crystal ball to Tintin


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