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"Prepare to die, Sir Francis!"
—Red Rackam

Red Rackham (French: Rackham le Rouge) (BR-PT: Rackham o terrível) was an infamous pirate Captain who stole The Unicorn.


Red Rackam is never described alive in the story, as he died long before the events of "The Secret of the Unicorn".

Rackham and his crew had engaged Sir Francis Haddock's ship, The Unicorn, but only ended up with his ship being destroyed. He then board Haddock's ship and gained control of the vessel, throwing all the crew overboard while tying Haddock to the mast. Rackham intended to have Haddock tortured by his men the following day, but Haddock escaped. Rackham discovers his attempt to sink the ship, but was mortally wounded by Haddock in a cutlass duel. Mortally wounded, he curses Haddock's bloodline and promised that they would meet again in another reincarnation. Haddock destroys the ship, killing everyone on board as he escapes.

TV Series

Red Rackham was in the animated series The Adventures of Tintin. The character of Rackham is relatively faithful to Hergé's creation with the only real difference being Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine becoming a distant descendant of his only in Speilberg's fim in The Adventures of Tintin. The difference is that he is not Sakharine's ancestor, but in the film, he is. He is killed instantly in a duel, unlike the film.