Rupac Inca Huaco, better known as Chiquito, is a fanatically religious Quichua Indian, one of the few remaining descendants of the Incas. He is initially introduced in The Seven Crystal Balls as the knife-throwing act partner of Ramon Zarate, the stage name of General Alcazar.


Huaco is a known practitioner of black magic. He casts spells on all of the seven members of the Sanders-Hardiman Expedition, keeping them in a drug-induced trance. He also has the ability to torture them at will from his home temple. He thought Professor Calculus had committed sacrilege against his religion by wearing a sacred Incan bracelet. As a result he kidnapped Calculus and smuggled him abroad to Peru. Both Tintin and Captain Haddock pursue him to try and save Calculus. He subsequently appears in Prisoners of the Sun on board the Pachacamac managing to catch Tintin who had found Calculus. When Huaco calls for his companion Alonzo, Tintin takes the opportunity to escape and jumps overboard and swims back to Haddock's boat as he is fired upon. Their next meeting is at the Temple of the Sun, high in the Andes Mountains, where he and Huascar perform the ceremony of burning Tintin and his friends at the stake, only to be interrupted by a solar eclipse.

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