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São Rico is a nation located in the Patagonian region of South America.1 Mentioned only in The Shooting Star, little is known about it. The polar expedition ship Peary was backed by a financier from São Rico, Mr. Bohlwinkel, that was involved in the race to be the first to land on the meteorite. São Rico was invented in later editions to replace the United States as the main antagonists in The Shooting Star, as was the case in early versions of the work. This was as a result of the comic being written during the German occupation of Belgium during World War II.

The Shooting Star

The team with the flag of São Rico.

The Peary set sail from São Rico, about the same time that the Aurora sailed from Europe, for a journey in search of the Mysterious Star. The entire crew of the ship was the natural from São Rico, although funding was made ​​by various stakeholders from different places (even though members of the enterprise Golden Oil). The nation would be victorious in the race if it was not the airplane of Aurora.


Based on the location and the not-translated name "São Rico", is likely to be a Portuguese-speaking country. However, it is possible that people speak Spanish there. The name "São Rico" literally means Saint Rich in Portuguese.