The S.S. Ramona is a ship in The Adventures of Tintin.


Originally, it was a tramp steamer registered from Panama captained by Allan Thompson. Tintin, Captain Haddock and Piotr Skut boarded after being shipwrecked in The Red Sea Sharks. Allan attempted to scuttle the ship with all on board, but Haddock assumed command of the ship and prevented its sinking. Afterwards, the slave refugees agreed to help sail the ship to neutral Djibouti.

The ship was then attacked by a U-boat sent by Roberto Rastapopoulos, narrowly dodging several torpedoes until the USS Los Angeles comes to their aid with fighter jets after receiving a distress signal. The submarine's crew made one last attempt to destroy the Ramona by attaching a limpet mine to the boat beside the explosives store, though when Captain Haddock decided to lower the anchor, it struck the diver and the bomb was consumed by a shark.

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