Left to right: Doctor Midge, Hercules Tarragon, Mark Falconer, Professor Sanders-Hardiman, Paul Cantonneau and Professor Reedbuck

The Sanders-Hardiman Ethnographic Expedition (French: Expédition Sanders-Hardtmut) was an expedition which brought an Incan mummy named Rascar Capac back to Europe in The Seven Crystal Balls. The seven were cursed by surviving Incas as punishment for the theft of the mummy. Each was put into coma, one after another, and made to suffer nightmares by Chiquito. Tintin visited the Incas' hidden temple in order to save his friend Professor Calculus, who was kidnapped by them for sacrelige. Tintin persuaded the Inca leader to lift the curse, assuring the Incas that the expedition's purpose was not to steal from their people but simply to teach others about them. The expedition members were thus awakened and returned to their normal lives.


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