Doctor Sophocles Sarcophagus (French: Philémon Siclone) is an absent-minded archaeologist. He meets Tintin on a cruise ship at the beginning of Cigars of the Pharaoh, and longs to find the tomb of Pharaoh Kih-Oskh. He leads Tintin to the tomb hidden under the sand, but disappears soon after finding it. When Cigars of the Pharaoh was first published in the early 1930s, Sarcophagus was left an unnamed and beardless scholar who wore sunglasses. When Tintin explored the tomb he found sarcophagi out of his own interest, not for the scholar, who does not even turn up in the Red Sea incident — thus, how he ends up in India is left a mystery. In fact, Tintin even speculated that the scholar was himself a member of the gang of drug smugglers that he found himself pitted against.


He, Tintin and Snowy end up in sarcophagi in the middle of the Red Sea. Sophocles is then picked up by a ship captained by Allan Thompson, a drug smuggler of the Kih-Oskh Brotherhood, whose gang uses the tomb of Kih-Oskh as a base. With Sophocles as a prisoner the ship sets off for India. After reaching India, the Fakir hits him with a dart containing Rajaijah Juice. Even while he was sane, Sarcophagus seemed to be naive and clumsy. He only knew Tintin after losing a travel brochure. He also bumped into Rastapopoulos. Tintin would later find Sophocles in the Indian jungle painting the symbol of Kih-Oskh on palm trees. By this stage he was completely mad and imagines himself to be the Pharaoh Rameses II. He is eventually committed to a sanatorium in India for treatment.


Sarcophagus Madness

Dr. Sarcophagus in a state of madness

After he became mad, he claimed to be Rameses II, acting with Egyptian features and singing nonsensical songs. He also attacked Mrs. Snowball and attempted to kill Tintin. Obviously, he was not aware of what he was doing. In one of his delusions, he called Tintin's friend "Tutankhamun." As he thinks is Rameses II, it is unmeaning as Rameses II and Tutankhamun did not live at the same time.

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