Spalding was an aid to millionaire Laszlo Carriedas who is seen only in Flight 714.


He, together with Paolo Colombani, and Hans Boehm hijack and terrorized Carriedas' private jet under the orders of Roberto Rastapopoulos. Spalding has a rather formal manner with a stiff upper lip and posh clothes. So much so that Captain Haddock initially mistakes him for Carreidas. Spalding, Boehm and Colombani are officially missing at the end of Flight 714. Actually a flying saucer took them, along with Rastapopolous and Allan, to an unknown fate. In 1968, the year of Flight 714s release, Hergé stated in an interview with The Sunday Times that Spalding was "An English public school man, obviously the black sheep of his family." In the TV Episode Flight 714, Spalding still hijacks the plane, but in the beginning reprimands the behavior and action of colleagues Boehm and Colombani on the plane. He even says that climbing up into the clouds where no one could see them. As a result of this, in both the comic they brush past a sailing ship so quiclky that the mast of the ship tears. In the TV episode, both Hans Boehm and Paolo Colombani are terrified due to this. This was not shown in the book. At then end of the book he is captured by aliens and brought to an unknown fate. It is highly suspectable thought that he is alive as Allan and Rastapopulus were seen alive in Tintin and Alph Art.
Spalding II

Spalding talking to Walter on the phone, as seen in the book series.

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