The ship as seen in the Ellipse-Nelvana adaptation of Land of Black Gold.

The Speedol Star is an oil tanker owned by the Speedol petrol company that appears in Land of Black Gold.

Role in Book

Tintin and the Thompsons use this ship to travel from Europe to the port of Khemikhal, Khemed so they can investigate the source of the ill-injected petrol crisis of the story. Tintin also served as a radio-telegraphist onboard the vessel.


  • The Speedol Star's design is based on the T2-SE-A1 Class Oil Tanker, a type of cargo carrier that was used in the US Merchant Navy during World War II. However, this class of oil tanker had a major design flaw where the metal on the hull would become brittle in cold temperatures and would be prone to metal fatigue and fracture, which played major part in the sinking of the tankers SS Pendleton and the SS Fort Mercer during the Nor'easter Storm of 1952 off the south-coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
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