The Super-Calcacolor is a device invented by Professor Calculus in The Castafiore Emerald.The Super-Calcacolor is used by attaching a large screen to a regular, colorless television set. The image from the normal television then goes through a series of special filters, coming out to the audience as a perfectly full-color picture. However, the Super-Calcacolor also accidentally distorts the image in several incredibly strange, and often

Examples of the distortions

humorous, ways. Because of these distortions, it causes eye strain, which can worsen and affect sight if looked at for a long period of time. This effect presumably lasts for at least a week. Another flaw is that it makes irritable sounds while playing. When Calculus invented this machine, he was unaware that someone had already invented a color television, without any extreme malfunctions.

Super-Calcacolor as seen in the TV Series.

The device is known as the Super Cuthbert Color in the TV series.

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