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 Syldavia, nicknamed the Kingdom of the Black Pelican, is a country in the Balkan Penninsula region. Syldavia has always had an uneasy relationship with neighbouring country Borduria. The National day is Saint Vladimir's Day.


Prior to the 6th century AD Syldavia was occupied by nomadic horsemen tribes until it was overrun with Slavs. In the 10th century the nation was conquered by the Turks who forced the Slavs into the mountains where they lived until 1127 when they rose up against the Turks. The leader of this revolt was a Slav named Hveghi who began efforts to drive out the Turks dealing them a decisive blow at the Battle of Zileheroum . Hveghi was eventually declared Syldavia's first king, taking the name Muskar and changed the name Zileheroum to Klow.

Muskar was a wise ruler, but his son, Muskar II could not keep control of the kingdom which led to Syldavia being annexed by neighbouring Bordurians in 1195. In 1275, a Syldavian baron, Almaszout, led a successful uprising against Borduria and in 1277 was crowned king, taking the name of Ottokar, and setting up the fuedal system in his country. The first true King of all Syldavia was Ottokar IV who subdued the powerful nobles and set about a Golden Age. Ever since then, the law has stated that the King is however holds the sceptre of King Ottokar.

In the early 20th century, Borduria made a second attempt to assert control over Syldavia by stealing this very sceptre from king Muskar XII, forcing him to abdicate. Their plan would then be to install a puppet leader to make the annexation legitimate. They failed in their attempt due to the efforts of Tintin and Snowy, and Syldavia remained a free independent nation. Syldavia had also formed its own secret intellligence agency: ZEPO and became a member of Interpol.

Atomic Research

By the 1950's The Sprodj Atomic Research Centre had been established in Syldavia located among the Zymylpathian Mountains. Research into protection from the effects of nuclear waste and weapons is conducted there while it also serves as the base of operations for the Syldavian space program. The facility is administered by the Director, Mr. Baxter, while the head scientist is Professor Calculus. Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock were selected for the space program as astronauts. The centre was seen in both Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon.


Syldavian landscape

Syldavia comprises two great fertile valleys, those of the River Vladir and it's tributary, the River Moltus. The valleys are separated by the Zymylpathian mountain range. The capital is called Klow, though was known as Zileheroum under the Turks. The people are particularly fond of the local mineral water.


The village of Niedzdrow

Panorama of Niedzdrow, depicting the Syldavian landscape