The Broken Ear is a two-part episode of The Adventures of Tintin, produced by Ellipse-Nelvana, based on the book of the same name by Hergé.

Changes from the Book

In the intro of the TV episode, the janitor of the museum is shown whistling instead of singing unlike the book.

For most of the story, the "fetish" is referred to as the "idol". The only use of "fetish" for the "idol" is when the news of its being stolen from the museum is reported on Tintin's radio in Part 1.

Rodrigo Tortilla is completely missing from the plot, and is replaced by A.J. Walker's aide, Lopez (who is not described as a half-caste). Further, Colonel-turned-Corporal Diaz, R.W. Trickler and Pablo are completely absent from the story, as are the numerous assassination attempts perpetrated by Diaz and R.W. Trickler.

The entire subplot involving the rivaling petrol companies is removed, and accordingly, Tintin never falls out of favour with General Alcazar, and Alonso Perez and Ramon Bada never find Tintin in the Amazon. Instead, they disappear from the storyline after Tintin escapes from them in San Theodoros, and do not appear again until the climax aboard the S.S. Washington.

In the book, Tintin disguises himself as a black African to spy on Ramon and Alonso, while in the adaptation, Tintin's disguise is that of a steward's assistant wearing a false moustache, glasses, and a black wig. The steward himeslf appears to be quite more sober when he was talking to Ramon and Alonso, while in the book he drank Alcohol in a dining cabin. While in the book, Tintin walks back to Sanfacion, Nuevo-Rico, alone, after being caught by Alonso and Ramon, he is instead escorted (off screen) by Dr Ridgewell and the Arumbayas to San Theodoros. At the end of the episode, Tintin saves Ramon and Alonso after falling overboard, whereas in the book they drown and are dragged into Hell by demons, though it is speculated that this may be an imaginary scene or hallucination.

Voice cast


  • In one shot during Part 2, both the idol's eyes are broken when it is presented to Walker.
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