"You are in my power!"
—The Fakir[src]

The Fakir (his true name is never stated, though he is often called "The Eyes" by his victims) appears in Cigars of the Pharaoh, where he is a high-ranking member of the opium smuggling ring, known as the Kih-Oskh Brotherhood .

Allan Thompson, the Fakir, and the rest of the gang at the meeting.


He uses blow-darts tipped with Rajaijah Juice to drive people insane and among his other his skills are hypnosis, the Indian rope trick and escapology (to the point where he is offended by Tintin thinking he could tie him up). He is first seen commanding Sophocles Sarcophagus to kill Tintin, though the Fakir quickly got the chance to try to kill Tintin in person, only for the now-insane Sarcophagus to disrupt the attempt when he picks up Tintin's gun and accidentally discharges it, making a coconut fall on his head. The Fakir escaped, however, and in the meantime Tintin questioned Zloty as to the identity of the opium smugglers, only for the Fakir to reappear and use one of his Rajaijah poisoned darts on Zloty, driving him insane too. The Fakir next appeared at the palace of the Maharaja of Gaipajama, whose father and brother he had also driven mad with Rajaijah darts in their efforts to stop the drug smuggling. He shot another dart at what appeared to be the sleeping Maharaja, though unbeknownst to him, Tintin had arranged for a dummy to be in the bed instead. Tintin tailed the Fakir to a meeting of the Brotherhood, and eventually knocked out and unmasked all the attending members. However, the Fakir quickly regained consciousness and exited the room. Tintin went after him, only to be knocked backward by the fakir throwing the door open on him. But as he reaches down to grab the gun that Tintin had dropped, Tintin raises his foot up and stamps it on the fakir's fingers, making him yell, "YOWK!" in pain. Still, the fakir escaped and locked Tintin, Thompson and Thomson, and the Maharaja in the meeting room, while he escaped with the leader of the Brotherhood. He is eventually captured when the leader accidentally knocks him out with a rock that had been intended to knock Tintin out instead. In the sequel, The Blue Lotus, the Fakir escapes from prison and again uses his darts to poison a Chinese man sent to warn Tintin against Mitsuhirato, another leader among the drug smuggler cartel. In the original black-and-white version of The Blue Lotus, the Fakir was seen escaping through the forest with his blowpipe after shooting the dart at Wang Chen-Yee's messenger. Tintin responds by telling the Maharaja that he won't leave until he is sure the Fakir is unable to do the Maharajah any harm. The next day a telegram is received at the palace announcing his recapture by the police.

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