''The Red Sea Sharks''
The Red Sea Sharks Egmont
Author(s) Hergé
Dates of publication October 31, 1956 - January 1, 1958
Published in Tintin magazine
Published as book 1958
English translation 1960
Preceded by The Calculus Affair
Followed by Tintin in Tibet

The Red Sea Sharks is the nineteenth title of The Adventures of Tintin. Its original French title is Coke en stock ("coke in stock") a codename used by the villainous antagonists of the story for African slaves.

The Red Sea Sharks is notable for bringing together a large number of characters from previous Tintin adventures, going all the way back to Cigars of the Pharaoh:


The Red Sea Sharks is about the nation of Khemed, ruled by Emir Mohammed ben Kalish Ezab being taken over by Bab El Ehr and need to hide abroad. The Emir sent his son prince Abdullah to Marlinspike Hall all with a couple of the Emir's men. Captain Haddock does not like Abdullah so he and Tintin set of to find the Emir in Wadesdah, but when they reach the destination, the custom there does not allow them to visit. Tintin was taken back to the plane, where a time bomb was hidden. but luckily there was a fire during the trip and they landed safely. After everyone was out, the bomb exploded and nobody was hurt.The Captain and Tintin walk to Wadesdah where they can hardly see through the patrol in the city. There they found Tintin's old friend: Oliveira de Figueira who helped Tintin to get to the Emir. They sneak out of the city again and rode to a lost city where they found the Emir. The Emir offered them a boat to go to Meeca and find the man Di Gorgonzola who is later revealed to be Rastapopoulos. On their way a squad of Westland Whirlwind fighter planes attacked them. Tintin shot down one of the Whirlwinds and they made a raft and rescued the pilot who was shot down, his name was Piotr Skut and he befriended Tintin after he saved him. They would also meet him again in Flight 714.





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