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The Unicorn

'Triple masted. Double decks. Fifty guns. Isn't she a beauty?' - Tintin on the Unicorn.

The Unicorn was a ship captained by Sir Francis Haddock, sailing in the service of King Louis XIV of France (King Charles II in the English iteration).


As told by Captain Archibald Haddock, the pirate Red Rackham raided The Unicorn after his own was destroyed in combat against it. Sir Francis Haddock's crew are all killed while Haddock was tied to its mast. Escaping confinement, Haddock destroyed the ship, killing all on board.

Sir Francis Haddock later made three model replicas of his ship. Each contained a single scroll, and when all are lined up, will reveal the coordinates of The Unicorn's wreck.


  • The Unicorn is likely based on the historical ship Unicorn (1634) which was historically commanded by Captain Richard Haddock, grandfather of the more famous Sir Richard Haddock. Under the elder Haddock, she served Charles I in the English Royal Navy, and later under Oliver Cromwell in the Commonwealth Navy.