Tintin, Freelance Reporter (also known as Tintin, Freelance Reporter for Le Petit Vingtieme) is a short comic created by Yves Rodier, who wrote it for a contest and lost due to the fact of using already existing characters. The comic is about how Tintin got his job as a reporter for Le Petit Vingtieme right before his first adventure in Tintin in the Land of the Soviets.


Tintin was reading about a robbery on paper and was beginning to think that he just doesn't cut out for a reporter until he almost bumped into someone, who just happened to be Mickey Martino, the bank robber. Tintin decided to follow Martino until he came to a restaurant. Tintin then called the Inspector about Martino's whereabouts.

When the Inspector and several police officers came to arrest Martino, Martino denied the charges by saying that he just got back from Italy two hours ago. The police decided to investigate Martino's house for evidence. The men soon got startled by a ringing sound but it turns out to be just an alarm clock. Later, Tintin figured something out and whispered it to the Inspector, who immediately arrested Martino.

Later that day, the boss of Le Vingtieme congratulated Tintin for an excellent report on Martino's arrest and asked him how he figured out the alibi is false. Tintin answered that it was an alarm clock that gave him the clue. It turns out that Martino absent-mindedly set his own alarm clock that same morning even though they believed that nobody came into the room for three days. The boss gave Tintin the job and his first major report trip to the Soviet Union. Tintin excitedly ran to get ready for the trip while Snowy replied, "That's the end... of a quiet life!"


  • Tintin, Freelance Reporter is not an official comic for the Adventures of Tintin, although it was published and can be seen online.
  • Yves Rodier, the writer of Tintin, Freelance Reporter; also wrote the finished version of Tintin and Alph-Art. Like the story of Tintin, Freelance Reporter; the finished version of Tintin and Alph-Art is also not an official comic although it was published and can be seen online.
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