Tintin The Complete Companion

The book's cover art.

Tintin: The Complete Companion is a book written by Michael Farr in 2001 containing comprehensive information and intriguing connections about The Adventures of Tintin written by Hergé. The book is designed in colour, with multiple illustrations throughout, taken straight from the comics.

The book explains the real world sources that which inspired all of the Tintin books. Politics, people, events and objects are all covered. Hergé, Tintin's creator, based his stories on real events happening in the world during his time, such as the political tensions of the 1930s and post-Second World War events. The German Anschluss with Austria, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, and the revolutionary activities of Régis Debray in South America are just a few of the people, events and phenomena which are reflected in Herge's stories.

Hergé also drew on real world objects: the aircraft, ships, weapons, cars, clothing, buildings and so forth that appear in his stories are scrupulously correct, and were often updated in subsequent editions years later. Farr's book explains the sources, of whatever kind, of all these stories. It also shows how Hergé subtly modified his stories in new editions, adapting them to changing times and ideas, and downplaying their originally local, Belgian origins.

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