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The Tintin Magazine; Le journal de Tintin (French) or Kuifje (Dutch), was a weekly Belgian comic magazine during the second half of the 20th century. The first publication was in 1946, and it ceased publication in 1993.

The magazine Tintin was part of an intricate publishing system. The magazine's primary content concentrated on one or two new pages from several upcoming comic books which had yet to be released in whole, thus attracting weekly readers who could not wait any longer for the entire albums eventual release. There were numerous on-going stories at any given time, providing wide publicity to lesser known artists. Tintin magazine was also obtainable bound in either hardcover or softcover collections.

The content continually included filler material, some of which became of significant interest to readers, for instance alternate versions of pages of the Tintin stories, and interviews with authors and artists. Not every comic appearing in Tintin would later be published in book form, which was of added enticement to subscribe to the magazine. The quality of the albums was outstanding, using luxurious paper and printing procedures, and thus having a correspondingly high price.

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