USS Los Angeles

The USS Los Angeles, a heavy cruiser in the service of the United States Navy, was deployed to police the smuggling of slaves and illegal refugees during The Red Sea Sharks. She comes to the aid of the Ramona when the latter is attacked by a u-boat (The Red Sea Shark) sent by Roberto Rastapopoulos. She was successful in protecting the Ramona against the submarine.


The USS Los Angeles is based on the actual Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser; USS Los Angeles launched on the 20th August 1944 and commissioned on the 22nd July 1945.

Unlike the Los Angeles portrayed in the episode, the real Los Angeles operated along the coast of China and the Mariana Islands while serving with US 7th Fleet from the 3rd January 1946 to the 21th January 1947.

The Los Angeles was decommissioned at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyards at Hunters Point near San Francisco, California on the 9th April 1948.

She was then recommissioned on the 27th January 1951 where she operated along the eastern coast of Korea during the Korean War from the 14th May 1951 to Mid April 1953.

The Los Angeles later went back to the 7th Fleet from November 1953 until the ship was decommissioned on the 15th November 1963, the ship was later sold for scrap on the 16th May 1975.

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