I first came across Tintin in the 1970's around the same time as I discovered Asterix (see my profile page on that Fandom project). It was the perfect foil for the comedy Asterix provided even if there was comedy here as well. I don't have all the books listed - the first two were withdrawn from publication due to their controversial nature. The third's original version was also withdrawn (I have the newer version). I located and photocopied condensed but complete copies of the first two books in 2015. The last book was published unfinished after Herge's passing in 1983. There will be no further books as Herge wanted it after his death.

In the early 1990's a watered down and heavily edited version of 21 of the 24 books was created for television in animated form and in English. I scored the complete set of DVD's second hand in excellent condition in 2016. It has been shown on Australian pay TV channel Boomerang - most recently in early 2011. A radio version of some of the stories was also produced by BBC radio, which was even more heavily watered down and edited than the TV animation version. I think I have all of them but I haven't checked.

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