Vlipvlop (French: Wirchwloff; Colored version: Wirchwlov) is a Soviet OGPU agent encountered in Tintin in the Land of the Soviets.



Vlipvlop as seen in black in white

Vlipvlop tried to apprehend Tintin in Stolbtzy a town on Poland's border with the Soviet Union. However, he was foiled by Snowy who leads to Vlipvlop slipping on a banana peel. Later he appears posing as a street beggar claiming to be an ex cossack commander. Tintin invites him to have lunch at the Inn at which he is staying but Snowy recognises him alerting Tintin, who beats him in a fight.


It is unknown if "Vlipvlop" is his real name and he may have just used it as cover. The name is reminiscent of flip-flop, a possible reference to his earlier slipping on a banana peel.

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