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Walibi Flyer

A promtional flyer for the park using Tintin characters for promotion.

Walibi Belgium is a theme park in Wavre near Brussels, Belgium. It was opened in 1975, and had many of Tintin themed rides, mascots and merchandise. Unfortunately in 1995, Tintin theme was been removed as the park lost it rights to Tintin, but the park is still open without the Tintin theme.

Tintin Themed Rides

Le temple du soleil (Temple of the Sun): it was opened in 1975, it was a dark ride based on Prisoners of the Sun took visitors through a fluorescent forest, it was closed in 1980, because of technical difficulties and capacity problems.

Le secret de la licorne (The Secret of the Unicorn): was opened in 1980, it was a clone of Pirates of the Caribbean water dark ride which it featured the pirates, it was closed in 1995.

Tintin dans la Jungle: it was opened in late 1970's, it was a boat ride based on The Broken Ear, it took visitors through jungle featured animals and characters,it was closed in 1995.

Pampa Ponies: it was opened in 1979, it was a horse ride based on Tintin in America which it featured cactus, Tintin, Snowy & Indians, it was closed in 1995.

Mini-Jeeps: it was opened in 1979, it was a car ride based on The Shooting Star, it featured Tintin holding a flag, a giant spider on a rock, mushrooms, big apples and mushrooms, it was closed in 1995.

Tintin 3D show: it was opened in 1984, it was a cinematic experience, it was closed in 1995.

It also had a castle building with Tintin theme, the building is still there, but without Tintin theme & also in park entrance, it had Tintin signs with characters on it and two guard statues on the gate.

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