Yamato is a drug smuggling worker who works in Shanghai for Mitsuhirato, Roberto Rastapopoulos, and the Kih-Oskh Brotherhood.


Yamato first appeared along with his master Mitsuhirato and another man who successfully blow up a train line, blaming it on the Chinese. They then notice that Tintin was following them and capture him. He alets his master when he notices Tintin in Shanghai. Yamato appears again in the story where he is seen with two other men and beat up an old man who they assume is Tintin in disguise. After they realise it is not Tintin, Mitsuhirato reminds Yamato to be at the lorry, midnight. He was then seen at the lorry along with some other of Mitsuhirato's men loading opium onto a truck and taking it to the blue lotus. Tintin, however, climbed into one of their barrels while it was being loaded onto the but Yamato noticed him and marked the barrel he was in with an X. So when he got back to the blue lotus with the opium he alerted Mitsuhirato opened the barrel and Yamato tied him to a chair. He then brings in the Wang family who they recently kidnapped, and tells their mad son Didi to cut off their heads. And when Didi is about to do so Chang Chong-Chen along with the crew of the Sons of the Dragons emerge from the other opium barrels and arrest Mitsuhirato, Yamato and their grand master Rastapopoulos. He also has a cameo appearance in Land of Black Gold


Yamato is a very significant word in Japan. it is the name for the dominant native ethnic group of Japan, the Yamato people, a period in Japanese history between AD 250 and AD 710, the Yamato period and the name of the largest Battleship in the Japanese Navy, that was sunk during World War II, Yamato.

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