Yefima is a Turkish sailor who appears in the film Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece as one of Anton Karabine's henchmen. He, along with Angorapoulos, joined the crew of the Golden Fleece to help search for Paparanic's gold.

After Angorapoulos's cover was blown, Yefima helped him escape the ship in a lifeboat.

When the Golden Fleece arrived at Athens, Yefima went to the nearby Karexport offices to report, unaware that he was being spied on by undercover policeman Attila Thai.

When Tintin and Haddock tracked down the location of the gold to the island of Thassika, Yefima opened a valve in attempt to waste the Golden Fleece's fuel, making the journey impossible. After a brief fight with Tintin, he was flung overboard, but immediately went to alert Karabine to the treasure's location.

Yefima was one of the Karexport thugs who accompanied Karabine to Thassika, and was arrested along with his comrades when the Turkish police arrived.

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